Choose the Perfect Shade of Foundation

The correct shade of foundation in three easy steps.

by: Daniel Thompson, Creative Director

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You're not alone if you find choosing foundation daunting or complicated. So many people wonder if they have chosen a shade that looks natural.   

Always choose foundation based on what your skin looks like at the time.

Many people try to buy for a different season (for example at the end of winter people try to go darker in anticipation of summer colour). Buy what fits you at the present moment or you run the risk of make up looking like a mask. 


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Three easy steps to ensure you have the correct shade of foundation for your skin tone:

1. Know your undertones.

All skin has either yellow (warm) undertones, pink (cool) undertones, or neither (neutral) undertones. It’s easy to see which you have. Using good day light, look at the neck and upwards toward the jawline. If the skin appears to have a golden glow you have yellow undertones, if the skin appears to have a flushed glow you have pink undertones, and if you can’t really see one or the other you have neither undertone.

2.  Know your overtones.

All skin is either light over toned, medium over toned, or dark over toned. Using good day light, look at the centre of the face. If the skin appears translucent or fair you have light over tones, if the skin appears olive or sunkissed you have medium over tones, and if the skin is opaque and high in melanin you have dark over tones.

3. Match your overtones with your undertones and choose a shade accordingly.

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