How to Properly Use a Facial Cleanser

by: Dan Thompson, Creative Director

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Simple Steps to the Best Results

The most important part of a skin care regime is cleansing. Yes I know the cosmetics companies would have you think it is moisturizing but there is no single step more important to maintaining the overall health of the skin than cleansing.

Most people use a cleanser that is not well-suited for skin and still many more people (even those with a well-formulated cleanser) use them incorrectly, thus denying themselves of any real benefit. 

DTB Inc. Makeup & Skincare Blog - The most important part of a skin care regimen is cleansing

Here is a step-by-step guide to proper washing of the skin:

Use Soap-Free Products

Soap has a pH balance of 9 while the skin is 5.5. Washing the face with soap will cause surface dehydration and intense irritation. Best choice for cleanser is a mild emulsion (either gel or cream) that will remove make-up, dirt and impurities but will not disrupt the natural pH of the skin. A gel cleanser will not make a dry skin more dry and cream cleanser will not make an oily skin more oily. Choose based on your personal texture preference. Just make sure you select a soap free option.

Use Standing Water

Washing the face with running water will cause vital skin oils to be rinsed away. Splashing with water that is standing in the sink will help the skin regulate its oil water balance more efficiently. This one little adjustment will help clear 80% of all concerns on the skin. Warm water—not hot—is best but the important part is to fill the sink. Use a wash cloth if you like; just keep rinsing it in the water as you wipe the face clean.

Cleanse Once per Day

The face does not require cleansing twice per day. As a matter of fact, over-cleaning it will cause more problems. Wash at night and rinse with water in the morning. If you really need that "clean" feeling in the morning then use an alcohol free toner to refresh the skin. By reducing the frequency of cleansing not only will your actual product last longer (big savings) but your skin will also start to look better more quickly.

Simple steps that will change the way your cleanser performs and give you the best possible results! 


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