Skincare Debate: Cream vs Oil

Which Formula is Best for Your Skin?

by: Dan Thompson, Creative Director

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The great skincare debate continues on: Should you moisturize with cream or with oil?

The simple answer is: it depends.




  • Controlled delivery of ingredients
  • Contain most of the pure oils needed for skincare benefits
  • Longer shelf life
  • Can be formulated with smaller molecule sizes to achieve maximum results
  • Easily metabolized by the skin 


  • Waxes and carriers can be occlusive on the skin
  • Often formulated with unnecessary ingredients such as perfumes and dyes which sensitize the skin
  • Often need to be layered with another product to work effectively




  • Pure ingredients without synthetics
  • Natural NMFs which act as human lipids
  • Optimize hydration levels on the skin
  • Provide immediate rehydration results
  • Easily metabolized by the skin 


  • With incorrect distillation can become irritants
  • Fragrant oils can cause contact dermatitis
  • Overuse can cause photo sensitivity


Overall, the difference is mostly personal choice.  Creams offer a much higher level of safety but oils, with proper use and experience, can offer faster and more long lasting results.

Both will hydrate the skin and both will certainly address multiple skin care concerns.

My advice is choose based on budget (creams are less expensive than oils ml for ml), level of expertise with skin care (be well educated in the use of pure oils) and of course based on your personal texture preferences

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