Top 3 Skin Care Myths

by: Daniel Thompson, Creative Director 

Forget What You've Been Told at the Cosmetics Counter

For decades the cosmetics industry has used some tired sales pitches to encourage consumers to buy more products than are actually needed.

Skincare is a cosmetics category that, often, is packaged to appear to have lots of scientific backing but most of the sales pitches are just myths.

Here are the top 3 myths about skincare:

1. Different cleansers for different skin types.

    Cleansers have no lasting benefit on the skin. They are washed off as soon as they are used, and they are only used on the surface of the skin. The texture of a cleanser has nothing to do with how it will clean the skin. As long as it is pH balanced any cleanser can be used on any skin type. The difference is one of preference not of performance.

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    2. Different ages need different skin care.

      Many companies sell products based on your age and not based on your skin care needs. It is really quite silly because a 25-year-old can have very dry, damaged skin while a 60-year-old may have healthy skin with little need for advanced treatment. It is important to treat the skin as it functions and not lump all age groups together for care. Every individual needs a customized skin care plan.

      3. Eye cream.

      This is my personal pet peeve. There is no difference, from a topical cosmetics perspective, between the different areas of the face. Eye cream, neck cream, night cream are all just ways to sell additional products to the consumer. Truth is a single, well-formulated moisturizer is perfect for day and night application and for all areas of the face. Again, skin type is important but not area of the face. The only time I would use a separate product on different areas of the face is if the skin type is different between those areas. This is, however, extremely rare.


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