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Does The Skin Really Absorb Everything?

THE PENETRATING FACTS ABOUT SKIN by: Daniel Thompson Do cosmetics penetrate the skin? The public deserves well formulated safe cosmetics when shopping. The companies producing cosmetics work under incredibly strict guidelines that ensure consumer safety. Does that mean no one will ever have an allergic reaction to a cosmetic product? Absolutely not. The variables which cause such reactions are far too numerous to deliver such a promise; however, cosmetics, for the vast majority of users, pose no real problems at all. Taking all the hype surrounding so-called toxic ingredients out of the equation for a moment (because toxicity cannot be...

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Fighting Adult Acne

by: Daniel Thompson TOP 3 TIPS TO CLEAR SKIN A recent study, published by the American Dermatologist Association, had some very staggering statistics about adult acne. Among the many findings of the study one point stood out: 45% of women, aged 21-30, have some form of active acne. It used to be that acne was a teenage skin condition, yet more and more adult women are now suffering from breakout on a regular basis. Another interesting statistic, from the study: 63% of people who sought medical remedy for acne continued using prescription-based solutions past the age of 40. Here are...

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Top 3 Skin Care Myths

by: Daniel Thompson FORGET WHAT YOU'VE BEEN TOLD AT THE COSMETICS COUNTER For decades the cosmetics industry has used some tired sales pitches to encourage consumers to buy more products than are actually needed. Skincare is a cosmetics category that, often, is packaged to appear to have lots of scientific backing but most of the sales pitches are just myths. Here are the top 3 myths about skincare: Different cleansers for different skin types. Cleansers have no lasting benefit on the skin. They are washed off as soon as they are used, and they are only used on the surface...

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