Acne is a bacterial infection that can effect any person, age, gender, or skin type. Genetics plays a central role in determining who will get acne and who will not and the treatment of adolescent acne and adult acne is identical. The key to effectively caring for acne skin is cleansing. Gentle, occasional cleaning with a product which has a pH balance between 5.6 and 6.7 is ideal.
 Followed by a well formulated skin conditioning moisturizer. It’s that simple to do. 

However, there are some very important “not to do” skincare steps to which acne sufferers should adhere: 

Do not use products containing menthol, camphor, mint, dyes, fragrances, or drying agents
Do not manually exfoliate the skin
Do not use any waxy or overly lubricating moisturizers
All of these will make acne worse

Best Choices from DTB Inc. 

Exfoliacleanse Rx – visible results can appear within 3 uses of this gentle, effective, deep pore cleanser
The Cleanser – visible results can appear within 21 uses of this gentle and effective cleanser with the correct pH balance

Aminohydrate Rx – visible results can appear within 6 uses of this lightweight, lubricant free, anti-redness moisturizer
The Moisturizer – visible results can appear within 42 uses of this lightweight, vitamin rich, soothing moisturizer