Our Purpose

Our purpose at  DTB Inc. is to create beauty through simplicity by demystifying the complexity and confusion associated with cosmetics products and provide solutions based on the principle of:  “fewer products; more results.”

We solve problems, we don’t sell products

We truly care about how our interactions will impact the lives of those with whom we meet.  Every action we take has thoughtful kindness as its base. Our language provides concise and accurate comprehension and the way we work ensures continuous learning, for our customer and for ourselves.

Quality refers to the manner in which ingredients are combined to our intentions and actions to our motivations, and above all else 
to our personal beliefs. Every ingredient used, thought, considered and action taken provides for long- lasting and meaningful results and experiences.

Distinction means leading and embracing what is special and unique. Through innovation, that indefinable aspect which excites and inspires people, is created. Innovation starts long before the next new thing appears.

By eliminating the opaque nature, often surrounding beauty care, and choosing to operate with clarity, every person involved with the experience does so with purpose.

The reality is:  “You’re already beautiful, cosmetics are just for fun”